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some classmates and i created this poem in my Nietzsche course last year.  we simply wrote a line, folded the paper down to hide it, and passed it along.  it was pretty neat and resonates still/again.

the straw that broke the camel’s back,
i am by no means a moralistic monster.

i hold your face, long in my hands. now is never right.
have you passed through?

i am almost done
—if only i find you one more time.

this soft milky mucous coats and chokes me.

i’m sorry,
i’m forgetting your face.

maybe it would get better if i could just grow a beard.

outside the constraints of beauty and excellence it remains unknown.
endless, effortless time: falling into gravity.

it’s not your nerves,
it is rather that i am nervous.

april 22nd, 2013 asheville, nc 

There are some people
Who love you so much
And they say so
They always tell you
Just in how they listen
To all the silly things you say
And pause to hear the silence
In the formation of your thoughts
Sitting wide-eyed for you
Like there’s something golden in your presence

There are people who remind me
That those who left
Did not take the time
To watch me bloom

You’ve been so good to me
Your love inside of me

You’re my consolation

Kari Koty

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in the new year i don’t want to be a perpetual crier and i want to be someone people actually think of as a friend.

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now for sale

things i miss the most about home: baths, hugs, my pianos