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you are a 1
did it start at 17?
was it poppy?
what about 22?
what did the plane crash do to you?
you ground your teeth much past the bone
married at 24 but you still felt alone
43, then comes me
she 21, though somehow
somehow i get to call you daddy
and at 3 i changed my name
white to michalove
(may i carry your idiosyncrasies)
aa tells me that they broke your nose
like barbie and sarie
that you were drunk when you wrecked the jag and couldn’t tell me but i saw the photo
you punched a hole in our kitchen wall
a photo hangs over it now
but you are good
you are good
you Are good
you are not perfect
little wolf
but you are my number 1

when i watch my old cartoons (scooby doo, hey arnold, courage the cowardly dog, power puff girls) i get a very strange feeling in the pit of my tummy